More information can be found poking around this part of the site.

The top level portion of the site was intended as a consistent part so I can mess around with other packages. After deciding that I kind of settled on WordPress for maintaining content, but still felt it made sense to leave this older piece as is. And after deciding that I came to view this as actually more useful for permanent information and WordPress for making quick notes to myself.

Regardless, I've put nowhere near the stuff here that I thought I might...



About Me



Well first off, why would anyone really want to read this part? Too much time on your hands?

Want to know more about my career stuff? I keep a page on Linked In, though I'm not sure why other than everyone I know keeps a page there too. Nobody likes to be left out.

If you're looking for where I work, Momentum Data Systems, go here.



About this site



I've been a customer of 1&1 (One and One Internet) since summer of 2004. Initially with a dedicated box when they were having a $49/month promotion, and then in 2007 on a VPS, in 2009 back to a dedicated box (it was cheaper), in 2011 to another box, and in 2016 back to a VPS. I have no complaints, but OTOH I expect nothing from them other than to keep the power on and a connection up. On the dedicated server I had a hardware failure; it took them 3 days to sort that one out. On the VPS I had a backup problem (they provide a backup service) and it took maybe 2 days to sort out (but that wasn't as annoying as being down).

They are certainly one of the lower cost providers.

I guess my only other complaint would be is they don't give you access to your server image to just keep your own copy (not sure what they even run under these days). Not sure if that's a big deal or not.