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I'm active to some extent in two local clubs, ATMoB and NSAAC. ATMoB has meetings in Cambridge and a club house in Westford, MA. NSAAC has meetings in Groveland and a number of observing areas. My own activities with these organizations are mainly with (public) star parties. In some cases I give short (or not so short...) presentations on astronomy.

[Someday you'll someday find links to those presentations and background materials.]

As I get more organized you may also find more astronomy stuff over here.

If you use Stellarium here's some scripts I've created.



Project Astro



I'm involved at the moment in Project Astro with a 4th grade class at the local elementary school (Wood Hill). In the late 90s I worked for 2 years with 6th graders in Haverhill, which is where I first got involved in Project Astro.

I'm organizing my materials so that others can use them in their own efforts, as well as maybe keeping myself organized (those that know me would laugh at that statement).

See all of the 4th grade Project Astro work here.




Why bother? Here's my rant .