This website is a place to store my stuff. It also gives me an opportunity to try out different things that need a web server beyond just running Apache locally.

Some people might also find some useful content on this site, it depends what your interests are.

Since anonymity on the net is pretty much impossible (unless you go through life wearing a tin-foil hat, except of course nobody actually uses tin-foil any more) I decided to go for the obvious domain name. Someday I'm sure I'll come up with a much more clever home page with web bling, but for now this is pretty much it.

Direct links to a couple of things:


The round device at the top is an illustration of a Buckeye governor, used to regulate the speed of steam engines. The illustration is from the I.C.S. Reference Library "Steam Engines & Steam Pumps," 1904. Here's a larger version of it (without the colors).


How to reach me by email: brewster a t